Welcome to Sustainable Antigonish

This community owned website is where you’ll find what is going on and how you can be involved in the local sustainability movement. Let’s build on our community’s rich history of cooperation, creativity and education to strive for continued economic prosperity, cultural vibrancy, environmental responsibility and social justice. Many friends and neighbours are already rising to the challenge, working to help this region become healthier and more resilient. Join us, learn with us, grow with us, in creating a more vibrant community for ourselves and for our children.

We use a 4 pillar integrated approach to community sustainable development:

  • Social Equity – Social justice ensures that everyone’s basic needs are met, everyone is respected and valued, everyone has equal rights within the community, and everyone has equal access to education and health services.
  • Economic Health – Economic health depends on a vibrant, diverse and dynamic local economy. It involves attracting, supporting and retaining knowledgeable and skilled people who incubate innovation, contribute to local and global knowledge, and provide goods and services in the community
  • Environmental Responsibility – Environmental wellbeing is fundamental to our ability to live on earth. We’re dependent on clean water, fresh air and healthy soil for life. All our activities impact our environment and we must be aware and respectful of this for our sake and the sake of future generations.
  • Cultural Vitality – Cultural vitality and diversity are the joy of a community. They encompass our diverse heritages, the arts, and equality of all people. Our culture celebrates who we are, brings us together, encourages visitors, and welcomes newcomers.

Why sustainability? Why Now?

We depend on the earth for our health: for clean drinking water, for nutritious food, for the air we breathe. Human activity over the years has altered the availability and purity of these life giving resources. As the earth warms, as fresh water is used or contaminated, as oil and gas resources diminish, these necessities have become shorter and shorter in supply. Shortages lead to price increases, prices of products necessary for survival, like healthy food and fuel. This firstly and most profoundly affects those living in poverty and those vulnerable in our society, although ultimately it affects us all. Adding to the complexity of this problem are challenges including that of an aging population, increasing healthcare costs, loss of biodiversity, changing and unusual weather patterns, to name but a few.

Rather than being discouraged by these challenges, let us embrace this opportunity for change!  Let’s use our creativity, our knowledge and our insights, to inspire each other to relearn old ways and to discover new ways of living that are kinder to the earth.  Your interest, your input, and your involvement are needed and welcome: you are part of the solution!

This website has been developed by members of the Sustainable Antigonish Roundtable and our associated partners to encourage creativity and collaboration in finding solutions to the challenges inherent in transitioning to living in a more sustainable world.