Antigonish Community Energy Coop

There is a long history of working cooperatively in Nova Scotia, rooted in the early work of the Antigonish Movement. Following the Antigonish Community Energy – Energy Forums on November 19th, 2014 and on March 7th, 2015, the sessions on energy self-sufficiency and on local energy cooperatives kept coming to the forefront. After many weeks of collaborative discussions, planning, and volunteer work, these sessions have now led to the formation of a local sustainable energy cooperative called Antigonish Community Energy Coop. The coop is focused initially on the promotion of solar energy but more broadly dedicated to enabling “residents, organizations and businesses within Antigonish and the surrounding area to take greater control of their energy security.”

Our intention is to work collaboratively with a diverse set of stakeholders to get “the right energy mix” for our community. This takes a great deal of open, respectful and collaborative debate, which we invite you to join at any time. Through this evolving process, our hope is to ensure a strong local economy while upholding the principles of environmental protection and sustainability. The initial goal of the new Antigonish Community Energy Coop is to install 1 Megawatt of photovoltaic electrical generation, spread over approximately 100 homes, businesses and organizations.  To learn more, visit the website.

Why sustainability? Why Now?

We depend on the earth for our health: for clean drinking water, for nutritious food, for the air we breathe. Human activity over the years has altered the availability and purity of these life giving resources. As the earth warms, as fresh water is used or contaminated, as oil and gas resources diminish, these necessities have become shorter and shorter in supply. Shortages lead to price increases, prices of products necessary for survival, like healthy food and fuel. This firstly and most profoundly affects those living in poverty and those vulnerable in our society, although ultimately it affects us all. Adding to the complexity of this problem are challenges including that of an aging population, increasing healthcare costs, loss of biodiversity, changing and unusual weather patterns, to name but a few.

Rather than being discouraged by these challenges, let us embrace this opportunity for change!  Let’s use our creativity, our knowledge and our insights, to inspire each other to relearn old ways and to discover new ways of living that are kinder to the earth.  Your interest, your input, and your involvement are needed and welcome: you are part of the solution!

This website has been developed by members of the Sustainable Antigonish Roundtable and our associated partners to encourage creativity and collaboration in finding solutions to the challenges inherent in transitioning to living in a more sustainable world.