How to Address PO Boxes

If you have to send a letter to a PO Box, you’ll need to know how to address it properly. The first line of your address should have the full name of the recipient, then the individual box number. The second line should contain the company name, followed by the city or state. Then, the last line should have the ZIP code and state. In the case of a PO Box, you’ll need both the name and address.

Check the size of the envelope

Firstly, you must check the size of the envelope. Depending on the size of the PO Box, it will be either small or large. The envelope should be large enough to hold all of the mail. The longest edge should be parallel with the letter-sized address. You can also find out the exact size of the PO Box by looking at the company’s website. If the recipient doesn’t have a PO Box, it’s best to contact the post office.

Once you have your PO Box, you’ll need to address it accordingly. Make sure you don’t include any additional information on the envelope, as it’s not necessary for the mail processing system. USPS considers the second address line as “extra information,” since it helps the delivery person. The first line is for the address of the post office. You can also use the return address instead. A PO box has a different lock, which can make it difficult for your mail to be delivered.

Alternatively, you can include the street address on the second line. When writing a letter, it’s best to check the street address and the PO Box number. Incorrect postal details may lead to the delivery of the letter. If you’re unsure of , you can always refer to the manual provided by your local post office. You’ll find the guidelines in a long text file.

If you receive a PO Box, you can use the same format as you would a physical address. The only difference is the format. Those who mail to a PO Box should put the return address on the first line, while those who do not use a PO Box should use the extended ZIP+4 code. When sending mail to a PO Box, you’ll need to remember that it’s written exactly the same way as a physical address.

When mailing to a PO Box, you’ll need to make sure the address is correct. A PO Box is typically three inches by five inches, with the larger sizes costing more than the smaller ones. When mailing to a PO Box, make sure to put the address in the center of the envelope. Ensure that you copy the address in the correct location. Using a phone book will also allow you to write on the envelope the correct way.

Besides the phone number, you’ll also need to make sure the address you use on the envelope is the correct one. Then, you’ll need to write the street address on the second line and the P.O. box number on the third. This will ensure that the recipient of the letter will be able to find the address. You’ll need to put the state and city as well as the ZIP code to be sure the address is correct.


If you’re unsure of how to address a PO box, check with the company’s website for a list of P.O. boxes. Many e-commerce companies accept a PO box address as a valid billing address. However, some of the more popular delivery companies do not deliver to PO boxes. To find out if your company can accept a P.O. box, contact the company’s customer support center.

A PO box is similar to a physical address. You need to include a physical address to apply for one. You’ll need two forms of identification, as a PO box is a USPS address. If you’re sending a letter to a PO Box, you should include your physical address on the envelope. This will allow the postal service to deliver it properly. In the case of a PO box, you’ll need to write a return address, as well as include the box number in your return address.

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