Core Roles & Guiding Principles

Our Contribution to Community – The Role of Sustainable Antigonish

We aim to engage the community by:

  • Inspiring, educating and challenging local individuals, organizations and public service providers to envision and work towards a greener and sustainable future.
  • Partnering with local individuals, public service providers, NGO’s and businesses to encourage communications, networking and collaboration in creating change.
  • Developing effective ways to protect and enhance quality of life locally.
  • Recognizing opportunities for action and working together to achieve meaningful results on the ground.

Guiding Principles – Securing Our Future

Living Within Environmental Limits

  • Respecting the limits of Earth’s environment, resources and biodiversity.
  • Ensuring natural resources are protected and responsibly managed for future generations.
  • Minimizing and sustainably managing waste production (cradle to cradle).

Ensuring a Strong, Healthy and Just Society

  • Meeting the diverse needs of all people.
  • Protecting human rights and promoting personal wellbeing, social cohesion and inclusion.
  • Being particularly attentive to the vulnerable in society, and fostering equal opportunity and services for all.

Achieving a Sustainable Economy

  • Building a strong and stable economy which gives opportunity and prosperity to all while respecting the wellbeing of all citizens and the environment.
  • Encouraging innovation, cooperation, creativity and diversity in the local economy. Encouraging sustainable practices in business.

Promoting Trust, Collaboration and Good Governance

  • Actively promoting effective, participative governance at all levels of society.
  • Promoting creativity, collaboration, energy and diversity.
  • Creating change through inspiration, trust, inclusivity, openness and transparency.

Nurturing Cultural Vitality and Exploration

  • Ensuring ongoing cultural diversity and embracing cultural heritage.
  • Nurturing artistic and creative expression
  • Engaging in dialogue with regards to the health and benefits of the cultural norms of the day and providing leadership for change when needed.

Using Scientific Knowledge Responsibly

  • Ensuring policy is developed and implemented on the basis of strong scientific evidence, while respecting scientific uncertainty and societal values.
  • When in doubt, we will promote relying on the precautionary principle.