Sustainable Antigonish Framework

Our Work

We are focussing on five global systems which underpin our lives and the prospects for sustainability – food, energy, poverty, finance and ecologial stability. We continue to work on ground-breaking projects in other areas and we have volunteer expertise in area as diverse as youth engagement, ecoliteracy, waste reduction, healthy communities, transport and community leadership.

How We Do It

We set out to understand the dynamics of these critical systems, we bring together individuals, organizations and businesses playing key roles to plan action, and we intervene at points where we can create widespread change. We deliver results using a unique set of methods: action teams, educational streams and consultation groups working with people in all walks of life that are leading the way on sustainability benefiting people within our local communities.

Sustainable Antigonish Action Teams

Sustainable Antigonish Education Streams

  • Centre of Inspiration [Four Pillars Project]
  • EcoLiteracy Team
  • Communications and Website
  • Youth Liaison

Sustainable Antigonish Consultation

  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • ICSP for Town and County Municipal Governments
  • Economic Innovation and Leadership